Single-Serve Coffee and Tea Solutions

Pod Pack is a trusted manufacturer of single-serve coffee and tea products. We offer quality pods, cups, and filter packs for various industries. We also provide white-label and private-label coffee products that allow for customization. To top it all off, we accept low minimum orders to further accommodate your business's needs.

Our Single-Serve Coffee Products

Beverage serving is simple with single-serve coffee and tea pods from Pod Pack. You'll find our single-serve coffee options and tea packaging in an array of diverse industries, from retail and e-commerce to the hospitality sector.

Our masterful team takes care to package beverages for long-lasting freshness so your customers can enjoy superior coffee and tea experiences. We offer a wide range of packaging products, including environmentally friendly options to minimize waste caused by traditional single-serve beverages.

Private-Label Keurig®-Compatible Cups

Our Pod Pack Keurig® Compatible K-Cup® solutions are made from recyclable polypropylene or commercially compostable capsules. They're manufactured with technologically advanced grinding and packaging equipment for superior flavor. You can order them in bulk or in a variety of packs to meet your needs.

Private-Label Compostable Keurig® Capsules

Fully Compostable Pod Pack K-Cups® give your customers an eco-friendly way to enjoy the convenient single-serve capsules they know and love. Consumers already have Keurig® brewers - they just need your compostable coffee solution.

Private-Label Coffee Soft Pods

Pod Pack's one-cup soft pods consistently offer a fresh, aromatic cup of coffee. These pods come with an 18-month freshness guarantee. With our soft pods, you don't have to worry about loose grinds or moving brew baskets. Our soft pods are also eco-friendly and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). You can recycle the pods and film, as they're industrial compostable.

White-Label Espresso Pods

Compatible with most espresso machines, our single-serve espresso pods are available in 55-millimeter double-shot pods or 45-millimeter single-shot pods. Choose between regular and decaf. Preparation doesn't require grinding or dosing, so your customers can enjoy a cup of superior-quality espresso that's easy to make — with better portion control and a mess-free workstation. No Barista experience needed.

Cold Brew Pods

By using our cold brew pods, you can offer quality, sediment-free cold brew coffee without needing the usual preparation equipment. We accommodate your needs with flexible pack sizes that contain individually wrapped pods to enhance freshness. You can purchase batch pitcher packs or single pods in a mother bag — either way, our cold brew pods are easy to prepare.

Four-Cup and 10-Cup Filter Packs

Our multi-serve packs allow you to conveniently brew tea or coffee for large groups. You can use our four-cup packs with a compatible brewer and our 10-cup packs with drip coffee makers for 10 to 12 cups. Our packs are nitrogen-flushed for extended freshness of up to 18 months. You can customize your filter packs with our label program.

Learn More about Our Single-Serve Solutions

Pod Pack has provided innovative single-serve coffee and tea products since 1996. You can count on us for premium pods and cups that translate to profitable beverage solutions.

Our team is constantly pursuing creative ways to pack coffee and tea. For more information about our single-serve solutions, as well as our private-label and white-label coffee products, contact us online.